The Oracle of Zanclean intel site for Grepolis

The Oracle of Zancle was first made in an effort to gather and compare data from the Grepolis world of Zancle, in a new way.
The goal is to give an edge to the player against the opponents and compare statistics for alliances and players.

The grepolis servers are checked approximately every hour for updates.
Most tables can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
The online activity charts timezone is Berlin.

For suggestions or bug reporting, contact or post at our Facebook page.

The following servers are supported:

US5 - Hyperborea
US44 - Zakros
US45 - Actium
US46 - Baris
US47 - Calydon
US48 - Delos
US49 - Edessa
US50 - Farsala
US51 - Gela
US52 - Helorus
US53 - Idalium
US54 - Kos
US55 - Lindos
US56 - Myonia
US57 - Nicaea
US58 - Oropos
US59 - Paros
US60 - Rizinia
US61 - Sestos

EN80 - Rhammus
EN81 - Sinope
EN82 - Taras
EN83 - Zancle
EN84 - Abdera
EN85 - Bhrytos
EN86 - Carphi
EN87 - Dimale
EN88 - Emporium
EN89 - Golgi
EN90 - Helike
EN91 - Imbros
EN92 - Kasmenai
EN93 - Lato
EN94 - Mesembria
EN95 - Nagidos
EN96 - Olous
EN97 - Pagasae

ES56 - Miconos
ES57 - Nicea

SE23 - Phi

NO23 - Phi