The Oracle of Zanclean intel site for Grepolis

The Oracle of Zancle was first made in an effort to gather and compare data from the Grepolis world of Zancle, in a new way.
The goal is to give an edge to the player against the opponents and compare statistics for alliances and players.

The grepolis servers are checked approximately every hour for updates.
Most tables can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
The online activity charts timezone is Berlin.

For suggestions or bug reporting, contact or post at our Facebook page.

The following servers are supported:

US64 - Apollonia
US65 - Byllis
US66 - Cythera
US67 - Dyme
US68 - Eubea
US69 - Gonnos
US70 - Hermonassa
US71 - Ialysos
US72 - Katane
US73 - Lapithos
US74 - Mochlos
US75 - Nysa
US76 - Olynthus
US77 - Pandosia
US78 - Rhammus
US79 - Sinope

EN102 - Byblos
EN103 - Carystus
EN104 - Dion
EN105 - Epidamnos
EN106 - Gortyn
EN107 - Heliopolis
EN108 - Istros
EN109 - Kastoria
EN110 - Leontini
EN111 - Methone
EN112 - Nauctratis
EN113 - Onchesmos
EN114 - Pharae
EN115 - Side
EN126 - Pseira
EN127 - Sidon
EN128 - Therma

SE35 - Juktas
SE36 - Knossos
SE40 - Pella

DE92 - Imbros
DE93 - Kasmenai

ES74 - Mochlos